Value Of Handouts & Posters

The iScrap App Team is constantly encouraging our scrap yard customers to hand out our flyers and hang our posters at their yard.

As soon as a yard signs up for our services, they are sent a welcome package with a handout introducing our services, handout flyers for the yard, and a poster. Many yards staple handouts to their customers’ receipts and hang the poster around their scale areas. Continue reading Value Of Handouts & Posters

Blogging 101: Make It Your Own

In my experience, when you are in a small industry such as the scrap industry, everybody is connected a bit more closely through business partners, communications, and projects. This also leads to other companies see everything that everyone else is doing with their latest trucking changes, new equipment, marketing tactics, and other business operations.

Merlin2525_Copy_Business_Stamp_1Part of growing your scrap business is by expanding and constantly progressing towards new goals and developments. When you are exploring, it can be very common to see someone else’s idea and wish that you had thought of it first. But taking someone else’s idea or concept can give you a bigger headache than trying to think of your next big revelation. Continue reading Blogging 101: Make It Your Own

iScrap App connects you with the “low hanging fruit”

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 5.48.16 PM
Low Hanging Fruit:  Targets or goals which are easily achievable and which do not require a lot of effort.
Why Start from Scratch?  Make the iScrap App your baseline advertising expenditure, as we’ve gathered the peddler’s to connect you with.
Save Money on Targeting Your Local Audience

Continue reading iScrap App connects you with the “low hanging fruit”

The iScrap App Team Providing Marketing Resources for the Scrap Industry.


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