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Most Important Info to Display on Local Biz Websites- Are you doing it Right?

Finding information about Scrap Yards is part of my job, I’ve been on hundreds if not thousands of websites and can tell you there are only quite a few GREAT sites out there. Its not the artwork or fancy pictures that make them “great” its the fact that all the information about their yard is available.

I’ve seen many sites that seem to hide their address in a map or don’t list their phone number until the “Contact Us” page. Honestly that is something that should appear on EVERY SINGLE PAGE.

Emails are not always listed and granted, not everyone wants to receive emails but if you can’t physically answer your phone every time it rings, then have a back up and make sure you check for messages. An easy way to lose a lead is to not be available.

Its a 24/7 world out there so make sure you’re connected.

In a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal,  2 in 3 American and Canadian consumers indicate that a local business having a website affects their opinion of the business and whether or not to use it.

It probably doesn’t need repeating, but local business website success is very much based on simple pieces of information that customers need to see in order to judge whether or not it’s one they’ll frequent. The most commonly-cited top-5 important pieces of information, per the study, are:

•    List of products (12%);Snip20140225_5
•    Price list (11%);
•    Phone number (11%);
•    Physical address (10%)
•    Opening hours (10%).

So if you haven’t looked at your website lately, check it out and see how long it takes to find those top 5. If it takes more than 30 seconds, you need to update your information. The average iScrap App customer can get key information in less than 30 seconds…So in addition to updating your website, make sure you’re listed on the iScrap App and if you don’t have a website, that’s even more reason to get listed.

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