Will Your Website Take A Dive On April 21st?


Google announced that there’s a new change coming on April 21st that will change the way mobile  search results will be reported.  Now if your website is not ” Mobile Friendly” or ” Responsive” your results will be penalized and may fall short of appearing on the first few pages of any mobile results.

Our directory, iScrap App has become a widely used reference tool for peddlers and tradespeople who are looking for scrap yards in their local area or perhaps an unknown region they are working in.  In addition to having a free Mobile App, our website www.iscrapapp.com can be viewed on any internet device and we’ve got some strong mobile numbers to share with you.  Since our directory is Mobile Friendly our listings will be seen more often, and the web-skin products we offer are designed for mobile viewing as well. So if you haven’t upgraded your website for mobile use, you might not show up in scrap yard searches  where you may have been before.

mobile website for scrap yard

You can easily reconcile this situation with a Premium Listing on the iScrap App.  We can’t guarantee you’ll be the first listing on the page or even on page 1, but our listings often land there (see links below). And Premium listings get pushed to the top of search results within our own site, so you’re seen more often by our customers.

If you haven’t upgraded your website, or started on building one that will meet Google standards for mobile viewing, our web-skin can do the job. We’re mobile friendly and better yet scrap specific.  With input from you we can have you up and running well before the dreaded April 21st date.  We’ll do the hard work and give you access to a blog page for your company news, coupons,  birthdays, and charity events.

Click the links below to download regional summary info-graphics detailing our 2014 activity.

Pacific West
Mountain West


To get started call us at  973-625-0049.

9 Key Elements of a $uccessful Scrap Yard Website or ” How to Make Google Happy”


Having a website for any business is important. It provides you credibility and lets customers know you are ” Open for Business”.   But just creating a website doesn’t ensure that customers will find it.

1. Update, Update, Update:  if your site is more than 3 years old and you haven’t made any additions, its already outdated.  Site design contributes to customers visiting your website and returning for more information.

2. Keep it Simple.  Make sure the most important information is easily accessible like your location, hours of operation and contact information.  Don’t make the peddler use a map to figure out where you are.

3. Be Accessible. Having the ability to add your own content instead of waiting on someone else is important, especially if you need to update metal prices when markets fluctuate.

4. Get listed in directories.  Google recently made some changes to its search algorithms, that benefit companies that are listed in directories. In addition to boosting your ranking in Google, they offer an opportunity to reach a targeted audience.

5.  Make it Mobile.  All websites need to be fully compatible with mobile devices.  Another new Google change is that websites that are not  Mobile friendly will be penalized and not shown as often in search results. This change is effective April 21, 2015.  Mobile traffic accounts for a large percentage of all online traffic. Why miss out on new customers when you don’t have to.

6. Get Blogging.  If you’ve been creating coupons and announcing yard events and employee recognition, you’ve already been blogging but didn’t know it. Instead of it being random, now its a dedicated page that you can update with information that your customers will feel good about  like tips for making more money, market updates and perhaps charity events.  Your blog is where you can create a personality for your business and connect with customers.

7.Content is King.  Create useful and unique information about your scrap yard that helps your customers understand how you do business and the benefits of working with you. Keep it simple, unique and don’t repeat the same content on every page.  Search engines like Google look for original content and place value on your site for new information.

8. Measure your site activity. Make sure you know when and where your visitors are viewing your information. Google Analytics is an easy to use program that’s free and can give you very basic information or detailed metrics.

9. Don’t Be Shy. By being active on social media you can drive people to your website and share your information even further with links to your website and blog pages. Search engines like Google use social media to give authority to websites that have social proof. Social proof is determined by looking at your content and how it is shared across social networks and how many link back to your site.

If you haven’t already figured it out the iScrap App online platforms provide all of the above.  Your preferred yard listing provides new and updated content, links to social media sites, and are accessible on any mobile device.  Our webskins are responsive and mobile friendly offer a blog page for your updating, and link to your iScrap App preferred listing.  We’re a niche directory and our site is optimized for search engines like Google so you don’t have to worry about new updates like Penguin and Panda.  And we constantly add new content to our site that makes us very ” Google Friendly”.

If you had to hire a “geek” to manage all of these functions separately, you could be paying thousands of dollars monthly. iScrap App offers scrap yards an affordable option, so let us be your “scrap yard geeks”.

iscrapoffice geeks

55% of SMB’s Still Don’t Have Websites Due to Fear of Technology

Google’s Recent study showed slow growth among Snip20150203_4small business owner’s adoption of building a website due to their fear about technology.    In the scrap metal market,these statistics are similar  with many companies not having any online identification at all.

iScrap App can solve that dilemma for scrap yards as the company has a true understanding of the scrap metal market as well as being smart marketers.  In addition to listing your scrap yard as a preferred scrap metal yard, you can add a web-skin very cost effectively.

You can view iScrap App demo webskin site for a single location here or for multiple locations here.

The iScrap App Team Providing Marketing Resources for the Scrap Industry.


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