55% of SMB’s Still Don’t Have Websites Due to Fear of Technology

Google’s Recent study showed slow growth among Snip20150203_4small business owner’s adoption of building a website due to their fear about technology.    In the scrap metal market,these statistics are similar  with many companies not having any online identification at all.

iScrap App can solve that dilemma for scrap yards as the company has a true understanding of the scrap metal market as well as being smart marketers.  In addition to listing your scrap yard as a preferred scrap metal yard, you can add a web-skin very cost effectively.

You can view iScrap App demo webskin site for a single location here or for multiple locations here.

Roofer owes Yellowbook, suit claims breach of contract

Roofer owes Yellowbook, suit claims – Southeast Texas Record Southeast Texas Record.


One of the great benefits of working with the iScrap App is that we don’t require any contracts.

The iScrap App is both a mobile app and a website destination that provides the tradesmen and the everyday peddler with the opportunity to locate a scrap yard in their area, learn about the materials purchased, make a container request, and learn about materials as well.  We have an active audience averaging 7K visitors daily, 185K+ downloads, and over 14 Million Pages Viewed.  We deliver advertising services affordably and contract free.

Value Of Handouts & Posters

The iScrap App Team is constantly encouraging our scrap yard customers to hand out our flyers and hang our posters at their yard.

As soon as a yard signs up for our services, they are sent a welcome package with a handout introducing our services, handout flyers for the yard, and a poster. Many yards staple handouts to their customers’ receipts and hang the poster around their scale areas. Continue reading Value Of Handouts & Posters

The iScrap App Team Providing Marketing Resources for the Scrap Industry.


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