Help Local Customers Find Your Scrap Yard

Many scrap yards are situated on highways and main roads, but depending on the city ordinances, they sometimes restrict scrap yards and salvage centers to the outskirts of town in remote- hard to find locations.

Rather than hope that someone finds your scrap yard, make sure to provide them with as many tools to get there.

1.  Signage


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Its simple and easy. Post easily visible signs along the entry roads.  Use your logo and company name and post along the road and at your entrance way.


2. Google Maps

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You’ll need to register with Google as a business.  They will then mail you a postcard  to verify your business and once received you activate your account online using the code provided. Your verified business information can appear in Maps, helping customers find directions to your business. They can also find contact info as well as ratings and reviews of your business.


3. Get listed on other sites like the iScrap App.

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Customers will be searching for a scrap yard near them, and you’ll want to make sure the information listed online is accurate and links to your location.  Check sites like Manta, Yelp and the iScrap App and verify the information.  To further enhance your online presence create a Premium Yard Profile on the iScrap App so you can provide scrap specific details.

Scrap Yard Online Marketing Tips & a Recipe for Success

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The scrap metal industry is changing quickly. In the past, a scrap yard could base its success on two things, your location and personal relationships with customers. While both of those are still important factors, computers and the web have changed the recycling industry as well. From how customers find you, to how you process your receipts and document your inventory for theft law.

Building a website is just part of what needs to be done to have an online presence. Effective online marketing is somewhat like a cocktail; you need several ingredients and different ratios to make it work. The mixture of search engine optimization, social media, and advertising can change based on who you’re serving.

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It will be increasingly challenging for your scrap yard to be successful based purely on your location and relationships. While those will always be key, your position in the industry will be impacted by how well and how often you can connect with customers online.

When it comes to Web marketing, the scrap metal industry currently lags behind other industries by 5 or more years as its been a paper and pencil business for so long. Fully understanding and leveraging online marketing requires a different skill-set than those traditionally required to remain competitive in the recycling industry.

Your website is the center of your online identity, but a good-looking website and a few online ads are not enough to get results until you maximize your company authority on the Web. Search engines like Google increasingly have built rules to play by and until most recently, didn’t let you know the rules until you’re already playing.

Google rank sites on several things including:

  • Satisfying the searched topic with relevant information
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Delivering local search results

If someone is searching scrap metal prices, does your site deliver that information? If not your ranking may be lower than websites that include content regarding prices. If you’re site can’t be viewed on a mobile device, you might not be included in search results and if you’re not listed in local directories, that can diminish your ranking as well.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind as you build your web identity:

Tailor your website to your audience

Understand the specific types of people that visit your yard. Are you looking to reach more commercial and industrial customers or increase your walk in traffic? Put together ideas that can you can share with a web designer; include pictures, videos and a description of your yard strengths.

Get Mobile

In November 2014, the amount of Web traffic from mobile devices (phones and tablets) surpassed desktop users for the first time in history. And in April of 2015, Google Implemented their mobile search rule, that your site should be a responsive design that morphs perfectly to any type of device. Users should be able to find any information quickly and easily, too.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most online visits start at a search engine. Having new content on your site regularly helps sites like Google rank you. Top rankings are even more important because mobile device users are most likely only checking the first few results .

Social Media

Join social media on Facebook , Twitter and Google+. LinkedIn is also a great business-networking tool. Make sure to create business accounts, and pace your posts to be respectful of peoples time.


By adding a blog to your website, it provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customers and build new content for your website regularly. Each entry doesn’t have to be long, but frequency helps.


Get involved in online discussions about your area of expertise. The links and readers you gather will help create a powerful position online.


Online advertising works. The benefit is that you control the content, your budget and the timing.

Now that you see the long list of tactics that you need to address to develop your online presence, why not use one single source specific to the scrap metal industry?

Whether you realize it or not, the iScrap App tackles all of these details in its monthly service.($$) We serve the scrap metal industry with a highly authoritative site that shows up in search engine results. Why?  Because we satisfy search engine rules by offering responsive design, new content and hyper local listings.

Our listings offer you the ability to personalize your company history, share pictures, video content, links to your website and social media too. You can participate in our online forums and our LinkedIn community as well.

We provide an advertising platform that reaches thousands of visitors daily. We do all of the SEO work to push customers to our site and your listings. And if you’re in need of a responsive web design, our services include cost effective options, which can include a blog page for your own  updates.

Here at the iScrap App, we’re always improving our recipes for success. We can provide you simple solutions to quench your thirst for marketing expertise in your own industry.

Look: 7 New Web Design Trends

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.57.55 AM

Not only are they attractive but also easy to navigate

1. SIMPLISTIC: “ Less is the new more” is now the mantra of web designers. In the past it was all about filling the page and adding keywords  You’ll find sites that  list every town in every state so its captured in search along with flashing arrows and automated sounds. Apple created the new trend of minimalism, with small blocks and simple phrases. An Example in our industry is:

2. RESPONSIVE DESIGN: If you’ve ever experienced a slow loading site on your mobile phone, its most likely because two sites were built, one for the desktop and another mobile version for the phone. When you were using your phone, it had to redirect you to the mobile version, which has a slight delay. Today sites are built as responsive websites using modular units that adjust to the screen size. It’s the new standard for web design and also called Mobile friendly. Here’s an example of a Responsive Web Design:  You can test your own website on this Google Developer site to find out if your site is “Mobile Friendly”.

3. VISUAL STIMULATION: As video gains more importance across the internet expect to see less text and more visuals. A video is more interactive and will most likely be viewed more than a long description about your business: Here’s a sample of video being used:

4. SCROLLING: Rather than clicking to see a new page or heading, websites are being designed as a long scroll. Scrolling designs load faster and are more organized for responsive applications.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.33.50 PM
This is a popular photo used all over the web.

5. REAL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY:  Stock photography are photo’s you can purchase to use for your own website. Rather than see that one guy unloading  a pick up truck on every site in the construction, scrap and home store websites, perhaps a better idea is to have some photo’s taken of your own location and staff. For the price of licensing that stock photo, you can create your own. This website is an example of Real Life Photo’s being used in a responsive website as well.

6. INTERACTIVITY: Rather than clip art and static graphics, more video content will be used as new sites are created. Add your You Tube Content, Interviews, Customer Recommendations and Video Blogs to talk about your business,  metals and pricing.  Check out

7. CONCISE INFORMATION: Why do some sites bury their address, send you to an inactive page, or a page “ under construction”. Your website is the first opportunity customers have to meet you, so put your best foot forward. If you’re still building your site, keep it in test mode until its ready to go live.  Here’s an example of a site with just the right amount of information.

The iScrap App Team Providing Marketing Resources for the Scrap Industry.


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