What’s in it for ME?

Our Unique Selling Proposition Never Gets Old—We Want to Make You Money!


Being cost effective is one of the selling propositions that the iScrap App continues to spread. However you look at it monthly or annually, our cost cannot be beat by any other advertising program that’s available for you to use.

When you spend money on other types of advertising, you can target by geography (billboards, phone books or Cable/TV) but you’re not going to get as specific as reaching scrap sellers. Targeting can often be more expensive, as you pay a service to fine tune your audience.  At the iScrap App, we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve invested our funds to get recyclers/scrappers/peddlers  to our site and directly to your listing.  The folks that visit our website are clearly looking for a scrap yard to sell their materials to.

That means 100% of your investment is reaching an active targeted audience.

We leave it up to YOU to provide content that will interest the user, educate him on your business and keep him coming back for more updates.

Return on Investment can be measured several ways.  You could say the first  $60 of scrap delivers 100% ROI for the month or you can measure it on your net profit. So if you make 10% for your yard on every purchase, you may need  several customers with larger sales before you see a positive return. Gaining a new customer can deliver ROI for the month, but a repeat customer can deliver for the year.

A recent article in Forbes, talks about the value of ROI ($) but also looks at the Return on Impressions as well. How valuable exposure and engagement  with your audience is as important as the resulting sale.

For $30 per month, the iScrap App gives you exposure to a prequalified targeted audience. They actively engage with our site via search, visit our Forum, and Social Media Pages. We’ve created a community for peddlers to learn more about materials, safety and scrap laws and sometimes make them laugh too. We have over 132,000 downloads to our mobile application , and almost 2 million visits to our online website (Nov 2013).

With the economy so influx, if you have to streamline your marketing to minimal costs, why make any other selection? The iScrap App can fulfill your budgetary, awareness  and social needs.